Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going Postal on Health Care?

Why is it that so many people think the government should intervene with health care? Think about it - the same people & system of management that brings us the US Post Office (and DMV, and countless other painful entities to deal with) is supposed to manage that which is responsible for maintaining our health and saving our lives!

I just returned from the Post Office - I had 8 packages and envelopes to send, all packed properly and ready to go. It took me over 45 minutes... one clerk started rudely ("Do you have your customs forms?" "No" "Then you need to step back." - step back? am I now a threat?) - then after said cumbersome forms, the same man was nicer, but a short way into my transaction said that he had to leave for lunch. I was allowed to keep my place in line, and the next man was very pleasant but not overly competent (hunt and peck typing, consistent mistakes and misprints of postage, etc) - so in the end, long lines, rudeness and incompetency - the things we have all come to expect from the government agencies - and I think the Post Offices is one of the better bureaucracies that I've dealt with!

Then I went to the bank. I was greeted pleasantly, the line was almost non-existent (depsite being lunchtime), the service was fast, and I was out the door with a piece of candy and cup of water in hand.

Now, I realize that there are good government employees and bad private sector folks - but all of my experiences have shown that those are the exceptions. Many people I have spoken to seem to have had similar experiences. So why are we pushing for the same system that creates long lines, incompetent service and mind numbing paperwork to be imposed upon our health care system?

I just don't get it...

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