Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter to Senator to Oppose Health Care Bill

Here's the letter I sent to our Alaskan democratic senator Begich this morning regarding the health care bill currently in the senate:

Senator Begich,

56% of Americans oppose this bill
only 40% approve
(source: Rasmussen Reports, Dec 14th, 2009)
my observation has been that Alaskans oppose it even more fiercely

Please vote NO on the health care bill - to vote otherwise would be to completely disregard (and unethically represent) your constituents.

I strongly oppose this bill, primarily because claiming a "right" to the goods and services produced by others is immoral, but also because history has shown that government oversight reduces access and quality by miring people and productivity in bureaucracy. Doctors, hospitals, and patients should have the right and the freedom to deal with each other any way they want.

Please vote NO on the health care bill.

Wayne M
McCarthy, AK

Please write your senators as well asking them to help fight this un-ethical, un-American bill.

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