Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For someone so dedicated to individualism, I am amazingly addicted to a Japanese martial art that comes with all sorts of traditions that defy the individual. Fortunately, our Americanized version of Aikido tends to minimize these aspects and focus on the fun and practical sides of training rather than the spiritual and/or arbitrary.

I love Aikido most of all for the camaraderie and fun that is had while getting some good aerobic exercise and learning to move in a well-aligned, strong fashion. I've never been good at sticking with things like yoga and tai chi because they simply don't hold my interest. The complete focus that Aikido demands provides an opportunity to completely clear my mind of whatever else is going on life.

Aikido is not your standard kicking and punching martial art. The focus is on getting your attacker (partner's) balance and then using that advantage to throw or pin them. It is super fun and not just for the guys who like to fight. There are far more women in Aikido than most martial arts.

Here's a link to an essay I wrote about aikido back in 2004.

All that was a preamble to the announcement that I am heading up to Washington State tomorrow to spend a few days with my family and participate in my dad's long awaited Aikido black-belt test. I will be his primary partner for the test. Great father/daughter time :)

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