Thursday, March 12, 2009

Objectivist Round-Up

I just found out that each week someone compiles a collection of the best posts on Objectivist Blogs. This week's round-up can be found here. Some of them I have read and others I haven't gotten to yet, but looks like an interesting list. Check it out.


Rational Jenn said...

At the bottom of the Round Up post at Titanic Deck Chairs is a link to submit a post to the next edition. The blog carnival comes out every Thursday, and hosting duties rotate among different Objectivist blog authors. All Objectivist bloggers are welcome to participate and host, and of course invited to spread the word! So thanks!

Burgess Laughlin said...


You might add this link to a favorites list so that you can submit during any week:

Whenever you submit, your submitted post will appear in the next, upcoming roundup ("carnival")--automatically. The deadline is usually Wednesday evening, but the timing really isn't important. Once you submit, you know it is in the queue.

Rational Jenn modestly failed to mention that she is the coordinator for the Objectivist roundups. She helped me a lot when I twice hosted a roundup.